August 15, 2017 (Toronto) —  From August 11 to 14, 2017, Axilogic’s President and Co-Founder, Michael C. Chettleburgh, and MPAC’s President of Business Development, Antoni Wisniowski, were invited by the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana (CRG) to the capital city of Georgetown to meet with Ministry of Communities (MoC) officials to discuss the modernization of Guyana’s system of property classification and valuation.

Axilogic and MPAC meeting with Councillors of Guyana’s largest city, Georgetown

In Guyana and elsewhere throughout the developing world, there is an accelerating pace of devolution of central government powers and responsibilities to municipalities and Local Democratic Organs (LDOs). To achieve the promise of devolution and associated democratic renewal at the LDO level, establishing or transforming a system of property classification, valuation and taxation is essential to generate revenues for community development. Without a reliable, perpetual and locally generated source of revenue, LDOs are both challenged to discharge their important community development duties as well as establish harmonious, just and productive relationships with the citizens they serve.

During our meetings, it was made clear that Guyana is committed to democratic renewal at the community level and to assisting LDOs in establishing the revenue generating capacity they need to perform their important duties. MoC staff escorted our team across the country to visit several municipalities, and discussions are ongoing in respect to how Guyana may engage with the Axilogic/MPAC team to commence the modernization effort.