In August 2017, Axilogic authored Transforming Property Assessment, a whitepaper that shows how Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and their aggressive Roll by 2015 campaign revolutionized North America’s largest property assessment jurisdiction and International valuation practice.

In 2012, after their four-year assessment update, MPAC was challenged to do more with less as part of the Ontario Government’s Drummond Commission, established to examine the ways government delivers services to people, focusing on eliminating or redesigning programs that no longer serve their intended purposes, eliminating areas of duplication and providing greater return for taxpayer dollars. Guided by the recommendations found in the Drummond Commission report as well as others (e.g., Ontario Ombudsman’s Report, Auditor General’s Report), in 2013 MPAC launched their four-year 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, which encompassed eight key outcomes and the bold idea of preparing values on all of Ontario’s 5 million-plus properties by December 2015, fully one year prior to their statutory assessment update due date in December 2016.

In contrast to previous assessments where property values and assessment rolls were published in a “just-in-time” fashion at their due date every four years, MPAC leadership believed it could achieve substantial quality improvement, stakeholder satisfaction and workload normalization gains if it could generate values one year early. Branded internally as the Roll by 2015 project, MPAC’s goal was to utilize that 12-month period to perform expanded quality assurance measures and take the time necessary to properly socialize taxpayers, municipalities and other stakeholders to both the new values established by MPAC, and as important, how they were derived. To the extent that MPAC could produce the best, most quality assured and transparent roll possible, time consuming and expensive appeals and requests for reconsideration would be reduced and MPAC would operate more efficiently after the roll was published in 2016.

The Transforming Property Assessment whitepaper describes in detail how MPAC set upon the Roll by 2015 campaign through the establishment of aggressive and compelling goals and three key guiding principles for technological and business process transformation. Further, the whitepaper discusses the birth of MPAC’s disruptive Valuation as a Service (VaaS) ecosystem, and the significant outcomes demonstrated as a result of employing VaaS in the areas of valuation equity, quality, staff performance improvement, IT savings costs and more. The whitepaper concludes with a description of two case studies demonstrating the external application of VaaS, and the way in which Axilogic and MPAC are leveraging the VaaS ecosystem to transform property valuation around the world.

We encourage you to download Axilogic Whitepaper No1 to learn more.