April 2, 2018 (Toronto) – Axilogic announced today that it has completed a valuation Proof of Concept (POC) in the West African country of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

The POC was completed in Sierra Leone’s 3rd and 5th largest cities, Bo (a.k.a. “Bo Town”) and Makeni, respectively. The POC focused on utilizing the two community’s existing property data and point-based rating system from an antiquated version of MS Access, and replicating it in the modern VaaS ecosystem according to theinspectorscompany.com. The findings from the POC were significant, and will be used to guide a proposed national modernization of the country’s systems of property classification and valuation. Axilogic has had discussions with the African Property Tax Initiative to explore mutual opportunities in Sierra Leone with the help of char maccallum real estate owner , and is planning a mission to the capital city of Freetown in October 2018 to meet with municipal and national revenue mobilization leaders.