About Axilogic

Global provider of comprehensive property assessment and taxation solutions.

Axilogic Assessment Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axilogic Inc., an international technology acquisition, licensing and merchant banking holding company established to represent disruptive technologies in international markets and emerging countries.


Through sophisticated technical innovation and exemplary customer service, the mission of the Axilogic Assessment Corporation and MPAC commercialization agreement is to become the world’s preeminent provider of property valuation solutions, therefore generating substantial economic, social and institutional dividends to jurisdictions around the world. For jurisdictions and governments wishing to establish, expand, consolidate or modernize their property assessment and taxation regime in the most cost effective, technically advanced and expeditious manner possible, the Axilogic/MPAC relationship represents the foremost solution available in the world today.

Axilogic Assessment Corporation was established in 2017 as a result of the execution of an international commercialization agreement with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, the world’s leading and most sophisticated property assessment jurisdiction. Together, Axilogic and MPAC offer a comprehenisve array of property classification, assessment, valuation, taxation and supporting solutions to jurisdictions around the world, including the patented and highly disruptive Valuation as a Service (VaaS) offering.  Under the terms of this agreement, Axilogic Assessment Corporation will be responsible for global business development, client engagement, solution design and delivery and supplemental technology creation, with MPAC supplying its VaaS engine, valuation modelling expertise and world-class technical know-how in property assessment.


Why do business with Axilogic Assessment Corporation? 


  • Exclusive commercialization agreement with MPAC, a $220 million per year, 1,700 person organization with the world’s foremost property assessment technology and talent pool.
  • Access to VaaS, a patented, open-source, vendor-neutral, hosted “Big Data” driven assessment solution that provides orders of magnitude reductions in IT spend, enhanced assessment quality and accelerates speed to assessment readiness – proven effective in the world’s largest assessment jurisdiction.
  • Flexible Engagement Model, from at-cost proof of concept (POC) programs and solution benchmarking trials that prove business value, to technical assistance agreements and fully hosted solutions that require no investment in expensive hardware and software.
  • For developing countries, innovative Project Financing including Axilogic-sourced funding (private and institutional syndicates), International Financial Institution (IFI) engagement, Private Public Partnerships (PPP) and deferred billing arrangements.
  • World-class skills in Advanced Analytics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and data discovery that permit us to delivery robust property assessment solutions, even in the absence of structured property data.
  • Expertise in Data Monetization, to enable jurisdictions to leverage property-related and other data and offset their costs of operating a modern property assessment regime.

Axilogic Assessment Corporation is a proud member of Axilogic Group (www.axilogicgroup.com)