VaaS Uses Cases

Axilogic and MPAC can leverage and apply the power and sophistication of VaaS in a variety of ways and therefore can creatively engage with jurisdictions large, small and in various stages of readiness. Our engagement model includes low-risk Proof of Concept programs, highlighted below, which provide a way for assessment jurisdictions to “try-before-they-buy”. The following are twelve principal use cases of the VaaS technology and the combined Axilogic/MPAC technological capability.

VaaS Use Cases

  • Valuation for municipal taxation.
  • Quality assurance of values after a mass appraisal (e.g., ideal solution for a Valuer General or similar quality assurance or oversight body).
  • Stamp duty processing and fraud detection.
  • Prediction and forecasting of tax yield.
  • Land valuation for special transactions (e.g., expropriation).
  • Long-term land lease rental values.
  • Production of voter lists.
  • Portfolio management (e.g., state owned property).
  • Creation of a centralized mass appraisal regime (e.g., VaaS can be used to consolidate the valuation systems of multiple municipalities into one centralized assessment regime).
  • Performance benchmarking of existing CAMA solutions.
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support system (e.g., in respect to property valuation appeals and requests for reconsideration).
  • Data monetization engine (e.g., VaaS can empower the creation of data products that generate additional revenue for assessment jurisdictions).

Proof of Concept Programs

A Proof of Concept or “POC” is designed to prove the feasibility of a solution and the extent to which a solution may meet an organization’s requirements. Typically as it pertains to property assessment, jurisdictions considering new ways of valuation will have key questions such as whether the new technology will meet its needs, whether the product performs as represented, whether POC valuation results produced meet accepted industry performance benchmarks and whether the new solution, if implemented, will be considered feasible within existing operational constraints.

Unlike other commercially available products, our core assessment solution VaaS are delivered as a managed solution and therefore requires no expensive hardware or software to purchase.  VaaS is the world’s most flexible and adaptable property valuation solution and Axilogic can therefore rapidly and inexpensively configure a Proof of Concept (POC) instance of VaaS for jurisdictions who wish to test the efficacy of the solution, examine the viability of creating a modern property valuation regime or determine the feasibility of consolidating multiple municipalities under a centralized mass appraisal regime. Using existing property data or data acquired by Axllogic, we can complete a vigorous property valuation proof of concept pilot inclusive of custom model creation in under 100-days. Proof of concepts are available upon request for other aspects of the Axilogic solution stack, ensuring that you can quickly determine value in advance of a major change initiative.

Post POC, we typically engage with clients on a fuller scale pilot program, which builds upon a POC by incorporating lessons learned as well as insights in respect to the design, functionality and purpose of an prospective production system. A successful pilot then leads to a full production system roll-out, where Axilogic fully transitions your valuation process to our solution. The three stage POC-Pilot-Production system process mitigates risk, enhances knowledge discovery and ensures an appropriate solution for your jurisdiction.


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